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Learn more about the AUTHENTIC, EFFECTIVE, and PRACTICAL Christian Leaders who will challenge you with short, practical ministry presentations!


Robert Hines

Associate Youth Director Florida Conference

Robert Hines originates from the UK and has worked with young people for over 17 years. As Associate Youth Director for the South England Conference, Robert revolutionised the understanding and use of spiritual skills as a means to disciple teenagers; and helped establish a cross-cultural youth ministry. Moving to the U.S. in 2009, he served as the Associate Youth Director for the Southern New England Conference. In 2011 he was called as the Associate Youth Director for North Florida. Robert and Paula have been married for 22 years and have a daughter, Phoebe.

Justin Kim

Director of Public Campus Ministries for the Michigan Conference

Justin Kim serves as the Director of Public Campus Ministries for the Michigan Conference. He attended a Catholic high school and graduated from the Jewish-sponsored Brandeis University with degrees in sociology and biology before working in medical research at Harvard Medical School. Having received graduate training in Christian Philosophy and Theology at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, he has served as a missionary, a pastor of several churches, and a co-founder of the GYC movement.

Eugene Kitney

Martial Art Ministry from Wisconsin Conference

Eugene was born and raised in South Africa, a 4th Generation Adventist, a cancer survivor, a 3rd degree black belt in Goju-Ryu Karate, a 5th degree black belt in Seiryuu Goju Kenpo with a Master's rank title. He has served in the special forces in South Africa, and held detail in the Presidential Honor Guard. He has ministered as youth pastor in churches in South Africa, West Virginia, and Washington DC. He currently serves as the senior pastor of the Milwaukee Central & Southside districts in Wisconsin Conference.

Crystal Lowden

Youth Leader Bedford SDA Church

Crystal Lowden is and was a member of the Bedford SDA Church since birth. She has been working with the young people in her church since 2005. And she has been a youth leader of her church since 2008. She is a wife, mother of 3 and has a 3 year-old grandson.

Ron Pickell

NAD/ACF Public Campus Ministry Director

Ron Pickell currently serves at the University of California, Berkeley as pastor of the Berkeley SDA church and chaplain of the Adventist campus ministry group at UC Berkeley. August of 2008, he began pastoral leadership of the Alameda, SDA Church. In 2005 Ron was asked to give leadership to a new initiative for Adventist campus ministry groups throughout the NAD as Coordinator of Adventist Christian Fellowship NAD, the official organization for Adventist ministry on public college campuses. Ron is married with three children – two still in college.

Nelson Silva

Youth Pastor Brown Chapel Missions, Youth Counselor Indianapolis Public Schools

Nelson has been a career youth worker (volunteer youth pastor and a counselor for IPS) in Indianapolis, since 2003. As a Doctor of Ministry candidate, he created the DDMC (development, discipleship, and mission, in community) model in collaboration with Brown Chapel Missions and Indianapolis Public Schools. This model was applied as an after school program, which provides mission to the churches involved and social capital to the students and volunteers. 1 Peter 2: 9; 4: 10 -11.

Justin Vibbard

Youth Empowered to Serve NAD

Coordinator for the North American Division’s YES! program. Served as Executive Director of Manasota Adventist Community Services. Co-chairs the Donations/Volunteer Strike Team as part of the Sarasota County COAD. Also works as Principal Librarian for the Sarasota Orchestra in Sarasota, FL. and Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra at Lincoln Center. Justin and Laura reside in Sarasota, Florida, where they are active in discipleship programs, small group ministry, local youth ministry, service-related ministries.

Scott Ward

NAD Public High School Ministries Director

Serving as Youth Pastor at the English Oaks Adventist Church, Public High School Campus Ministries Coordinator for the NAD, and Executive Director of the Living it High School Outreach Resource Center (livingiths.org). He is passionate about training youth leaders to reach the 70% of unreached Adventist youth. His book, Authentic: Where true, life-changing Christianity begins, was just released by the R&H Publishing Association.

Phyllis Washington

Children's Ministry Director NAD

Phyllis Washington serves as Children's Ministries Director for the NAD. She has served as a chaplain in a children's hospital, a local conference children's ministries director, and has been involved in every aspect of children's ministries for 50 years within the territories of Lake Union Conference. She holds a B.A. degree from Michigan State University, a M.A.P.S. from Sacred Heart Major Seminary and completed a C.P.E residency with Covenant Health Systems. Her passion is that all children come to know and love Jesus Christ.

Raquel Gomez

Pathfinder Leader Harbor of Hope, Benton Harbor

Raquel Gomez is in her third year of college at Andrews University. She is studying elementary education, with hopes of being able to teach in the same community that she has been pathfindering for the last three years. A native to Los Angeles, CA, she decided to go to a place where she could serve the Lord to her fullest abilities. Her greatest aspiration is to bring Jesus to impoverished communities, and the youth that often go unnoticed.

John Lanphear

Founder of GetReal4Kids.org

John Lanphear has been sharing his passion about God with youth and those around him all of his life! He especially loves working with kids and youth to make Jesus real. John, with his wife and three kids, started this ministry at their church in Otsego Michigan about 3 years ago, which draws between 30 & 40+ community kids every week to have fun and learn about Jesus!

James Black

Youth Director of North-American Division

James Black has been a youth & young adult ministries directors for over 23 years. He has served as youth pastor, senior pastor, conference director for adventurers, pathfinders, teens, senior youth, young adults, camp, and single ministries. Currently, he directs youth and young adult ministries in the NAD. He has authored six books, trained thousands of youth leaders and preached to young people worldwide

Kamil Metz

Publishing Ministries Director Michigan Conference

Kamil Metz grew up in Communist Czechoslovakia in the home of a communist father and a Seventh-day Adventist mother. Growing up, some of his fondest memories include Friday AY meetings and Sabbath youth programs. For college, he came to the United States, where he became involved in the canvassing literature ministry of our church. He currently serves as the Publishing Ministries director for Michigan Conference, where he has served since 2003. He and his wife, Annette, have two children—Rebekah and Micah.

Don Livesay

President, Lake Union Conference

Don Livesay is the current Lake Union Conference president. He has also served in the conferences of Georgia-Cumberland, Northern California, and Oregon, as president, vice president, and pastor, in the departments of youth/pathfinder, communication, stewardship, and health/temperance.